Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January pics...

The boys loved their first time going tubing and sledding.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moffitt Family Christmas Video
Testing out a video...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome Joseph Andrew!!!
Born October 17, 1:23pm
8lbs 12oz; 21 inches

We are joyfully celebrating the birth of our third son, Joseph Andrew! We are all doing very well. We are once again amazed and overwelmed at God's creative design.

Joseph with Dr. Bob Aikman just after delivery.

Grandma Moffitt gives Joseph his first scrub down.
Joseph walks all over dad for the first time.

Dad and Joseph

The Madden Men...oh, the stories to come...

Madden Men pt.2

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is probably shocking to see a post on our blog since the last one was in... February?! I decided you didn't have time for hundreds of photos, but maybe one or two per month will bring us up to date.

In March, Micah turned three and Ezra
two. They love construction equipment and
digging, so that's what we did!
We let Ezra's hair go for the month.
In April, my grandma went home to be
with her Savior. This picture shows her laughing
with Becky, which she loved to do. I miss her
shoulder-shaking giggles, words of experience,
and faithful prayers.
In June we had a short, but wonderful trip
to Iowa. The boys loved playing with their cousins,
I enjoyed being auntie and having time to talk
with Andy and Jenica (We missed
having Nate come on this trip). I do wish we
didn't have a 9 hour drive between us!

The Madden family vacation near Branson was a huge highlight in July. The boys loved the colored sand boxes at Silver Dollar City (forget the shows, shops and rides). The week was relaxing with shopping, reading, swimming, fishing... The fishermen and woman brought in 75 fish!

Tulsa Zoo visit in August... Mema Madden with her monkeys: Micah, Isaac, Ezra, and Aliyah

Last picture of late: Our neighbor had a family of wild rabbits appear, to the boys' delight. Ezra's bunny was lucky to survive the visit.

It's hard to believe summer is over.... we'll try to post again before Christmas! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Updating since Christmas....

Mid-January we took a spontaneous trip to California! The Master's college where Nate attended hosted their annual "Truth and Life" Conference. It was so encouraging to hear the excellent ministry, sing with the Getty's (http://www.gettymusic.com/) and the college band, and meet Nate's friends.
Beautiful pier near L.A.

We decided to try entering the drawing at the
Patageous Theatre in Hollywood for the chance to buy
Broadway show front row seats at a super cheap price.

We won!

The palm trees were incredible

Now back to the real and wonderful world at home :)

We have entered the potty training phase with Micah. I'm not sure who is getting the training. It has been great character training for me... in patience, kindness, self-control, etc. He is very excited about the new underwear, but sure hates to stop playing to keep them dry.

Micah prefers for people to be able to see McQueen.

Waiting to celebrate

The boys went to the dentist for the first time this week. Dental visits have changed since I was a child. They were treated like royalty and given prize bags to take home. Ezra's had these glasses inside??

It has been cold and rainy all week, so we're running out of activities. I decided to give them containers of dried beans this morning. They played happily for over an hour! I will probably be finding lima beans for a couple weeks, but hey, it was worth it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Why do people say,
"Happy New YearS"...
are they celebrating more than one year?

I am currently sitting at my computer...where else do you blog (I guess from your iphone, but mine is out in my car)...and I am watching my neighbor's tree come down. For $3,000 my neighbor is getting her elm tree chopped down. I offered to do it for $1,000, but she didn't believe I could really do it with just my splitting wedge and bow saw. Old ladies these days. But anywho, THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I am now thinking of starting a tree removal savings plan for the two new oak trees I planted out in the front last year. I figure that my neighbor's tree is about 30 years old. So if I have about 30 years, I figure that inflation will raise the cost to about $20,000 per tree by 2038. Thus, I will need to save at least $40,000. I figure if I save about $1,000 dollars a year and invest it in a small 4-5% savings account, I should make it. Starting this month I will be putting away $84 dollars each month for the next 360 months. To make this happen, my family will not be eating one day each week. I think if we rotate the day each week, it won't become so monotonous. We will also be turning of our electricity on the days we do not eat. I figure that if you are not eating, you really don't need anything else to work. But you know, I was just thinking, we are actually talking about planting another tree in our back yard this spring, so my figures aren't really accurate. We might need to move to two days of fast each week. I'll keep you all posted...of course not on the two days that we are fasting, because we won't have electricity on those days.

How about some pics?
A lot of you probably already got this pic with our Christmas card...if you didn't get our Christmas card, you might re-evaluate our friendship

One of our sons is adopted from China.

Monday, December 10, 2007

We are back on blogging...or something. We will now be updating this each morning and evening because we all know people really care. Make certain to check it often to hear about all of the exciting things that aren't happening in your own private world. Our family is so much more exciting. And just to prove it...we have posted some new pictures of the war torn neighborhood of West Tulsa. I have victoriously saved my trees unlike the rest of Tulsa. John Denver is smiling upon me. And now...on with the lives of the most amazing family...

Merry Christmas Cheer!

Ice, Ice Baby

Editor's Note: Whilest we were in the midst of publishing this post, our power went out for the next three days. That is what I get for mocking.